About Us

Since November 2010 we have been making and baking amazing Australian dog treats that make tails wag! We have been supplying Wagalot products to retail outlets – both large and small – throughout Australia & New Zealand – as well as online stores, groomers, vets, boarding kennels, rescue groups… in fact almost everyone involved in the dog world!  We don’t sell to stores that sell puppies and kittens.

We are based in Carrum Downs – Victoria, Australia.  From our warehouse, office, or factory – or as we affectionately refer to it – “The Woof” – we produce and package a great range of unique dog treat products for pets to make their tails wag and bring joy to their humans.

Wagalot Products Retail Outlets

We operate under the HACCP food safety system, ensuring that our top-quality ingredients are safely transformed into delicious treats and food for your dog.
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Most of our products are Australian Made and Owned. The trademark logo signifies products whose ingredients and production mostly originate from Australia. To display our certificate, click here.

What is more, Wagalot has Australian Trusted Trader accreditation. Our business employs compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.
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Wagalot is committed to limiting the risk of modern slavery occurring within our own business, infiltrating its supply chains, or through any other business relationship. To see our Anti-Slavery Policy, click here.

Wagalot follows the Chain of Responsibility legislations and is committed to minimise the risks along the CoR associated with freight movements.
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Everyone at Wagalot is animal lover and work in a pet friendly environment. What is more, we practice
Meat Free Mondays.
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Wagalot is an ethical business which does its very best to be environmentally friendly. The palm oil used in any of our products is from certifiable sustained sources and we source ingredients locally wherever possible. Some ingredients such as chia seed, turmeric, coconut etc. can’t be sourced here so we ensure that we source them from ethical suppliers.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Woof, Woof, Woof!