Doogy doo’s and dont’s at Christmas lunch

Who doesn’t love Christmas lunch with a ham and all the trimmings? We know we do, but did you know that due to the salt content in a Christmas ham, you shouldn’t feed this to your dogs?

We’ve compiled a list of foods to help you keep your furry friends safe and healthy this festive season.

DON’T feed your dogs:

– Christmas ham – too salty for them

– Peppermint – extremely toxic to dogs

– Stuffing – as it usually contains onion and garlic

– Alcohol – it goes down a treat for us, but not for your furry friend

– Chocolate – think advent calendars, chocolate coins on the tree, presents

– Christmas cake and mince pies – all of these contain dried fruit such as sultanas and raisins, which can be toxic to your dog

– Gingerbread – it’s the nutmeg that will do it. Check out our range of Christmas-friendly treats for your pooch so no one misses out.

Now, of course, we don’t want your furry friends to feel left out of the festivities, so here’s a list of dog-friendly foods that can be fed to your pets in moderation.

DO, in moderation, offer them:

– Carrots – raw, cooked or dehydrated

– Green beans – raw or cooked, the fresher the better

– Sweet potatoes – best served freshly cooked, not as part of a casserole

– Cheese – a small amount of cheese is a great treat; avoid blue cheese, goat cheese, and feta

– Cranberries – in a sauce or cooked is better, as they can be a choking hazard, especially for small dogs

– Salmon or turkey – as long as it’s plain and unseasoned. Consider setting some aside for them before you add all the trimmings.

The aim of the game here is to keep your dogs happy, healthy and well-fed this holiday season. The simple rule is the food should be kept plain and simple to ensure they are getting the best nutritional value. However, we know that can sometimes be boring, so why not give them our Christmas-in-a-Box? It’s the perfect gift for any pooch’s Santa sack!