DooLacky®: your essential companion for summer dog adventures!

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to embark on new adventures with your furry best friend. Imagine the joy of watching your dog explore new sights, the wind fluttering through their fur, and that adorable tongue-out look during long drives. But, with all the fun comes the not-so-glamorous part – managing doggy doo, especially when there’s no bin in sight.

Enter the game-changing solution: DooLacky®.

Crafted from recyclable Australian polypropylene, this nifty gadget is as eco-friendly as it is handy. Its intuitive design offers a hands-free solution for those awkward dog-walking moments.

“But do I really need a DooLacky®?”
you might ask.

Well, let’s put it to the test in some classic summer scenarios:

Beach days

Imagine a sunny day with your pup, playing fetch and jumping in the waves. DooLacky® ensures that when nature calls for your pooch, you’re prepared without spoiling the sandy fun.

Picnic in the park

Enjoying a picnic while your dog lounges in the grass sounds idyllic, right? Attach DooLacky® to your leash for a clean, distraction-free picnic with your furry friend.

Camping adventures

If camping is more your style, DooLacky® proves invaluable. It’s the perfect way to keep your campsite clean and enjoyable, ensuring every tail wag is joyful.

Café culture

Taking your dog to a local café? DooLacky® discreetly handles the ‘unpleasant’ while you enjoy your coffee, making sure your furry friend is always welcome.

Road trips

Long drives are fantastic for exploring new destinations. With DooLacky® attached to your leash, you’re ready for any pit stops along the way, maintaining cleanliness and convenience.

In every summer scenario, DooLacky® has you covered. It’s not just about handling dog waste; it’s about doing so responsibly, conveniently, and in a way that enhances your and your pet’s summer experiences. So, as you plan your summer activities, ask yourself, “How will I DooLacky® this summer?” The answer might just make all the difference in your adventures.

Just DooLacky® it!

Ready to change your dog-walking game?