Mixing & Making at home: Let’s get creative!

As you know, Wagalot offers a range of treats for you to make at home. We have cakes, cookies, donuts, training treats and more. All the instructions are on the backs of the packs, but we thought we’d give you some extra tips for those who like to go the extra mile.

Why not bake the Yappy Woofday Cake mix in muffin tins instead? Or mini cupcake trays.

Still have that old cake pop maker in the back of the cupboard? Dogs love balls, especially the ones made of cake – decorate them like little basketballs or tennis balls. Just leave out the stick and you’re good to go.

In reverse you could make the strawberry pupcake mix into one cake.

Instead of cake – you could try rolling the cookie dough into a plate sized cookie – but you might have to watch the cooking times to make sure the edges don’t burn. A giant cookie will give you a nice surface to write a “Happy Birthday” message on. Melt some carob or yoghurt (on the lowest possible microwave setting – more on this down there .), spoon it into a piping bag and away you go.

Of course certain things will vary between our kitchen and yours at home, but there are some things that should be done regardless of where you’re melting the drops.
First things first – you’re going to need a microwave safe bowl. And a microwave.
Empty your drops into your microwave safe bowl and put the bowl in the centre of your microwave. Now the really important bit you can’t forget – set your microwave to the LOWEST POWER SETTING.
Here’s where things get a little different between kitchens… Our microwaves have a low power setting of 10%, yours may say something different. Refer to your manufacturers manual if you are unsure of how to change the power setting on your model. (We just keep pressing the power level button on ours.)
The best way to melt without burning is slowly. Now that you have your power setting on low, heat the buds for about 3 minutes to begin.
The buds can hold their shape even when they are melted, so just looking through the microwave door won’t be enough to gauge the progress.
In some microwaves, this may be enough. In most though, you’ll need to pop them back in for a bit longer.
Remember though, change the power level down to the LOWEST SETTING again as it will likely have reverted to 100%.
Melt for a minute at a time, stirring in between, remembering to reset the power level each time and stay close in case things start to go awry.
No microwave? No problem. Let’s do it the old school way. I’d suggest this way if you’ve had bad results with the microwave in the past or if you’re just a little tentative about melting the buds that way.
All you need is a stove top, a saucepan, a bowl and a spoon.
Boil some water in the saucepan, then set it to simmer.
Empty your carob or yogurt into the bowl.
Now sit the bowl in the water, making sure that no water gets into the bowl.
Stir the buds until they are melted and smooth. 

Why not substitute the vegetable oil for coconut oil?

Throw in a handful of cranberries, pepitas or shredded coconut.

Roll out the dough and cut it any shape you can imagine. Our cookie dough mixes don’t spread while baking like human choc chip cookies do so they will keep the shape you cut them into.

Try decorating the cookies by dipping them in melted carob or yoghurt. Decorate the cookies like little balls, dip them in green yoghurt and stand them up to set. They’ll look like little balls sitting in the grass and will be easier for your pup to pick up.

Roll the dough into balls, flatten them and poke a hole about the size of a pen through the middle before baking. Once they cool tie a piece of ribbon through the middle to make them into Christmas tree decorations. Always remove the ribbon before giving the cookie to your pup though.

Gingerbread kennel without the gingerbread? Make the doggy version of a gingerbread house by rolling the dough into flat square pieces before baking. Hold the pieces together using melted carob or yoghurt. Decorate with cookies, bones, sprinkles, jelly beans, dried cranberries, coconut or anything else you think your dog will love. You might need more than one cookie mix, but we think it might just be worth it.

Rolling the dough into tiny marble sized balls will give you small, delicious training treats.

When baking with our Mix and Zap products, baking and melting times may vary from the instructions on the box. This is due to the variation of heat and power of each individual microwave / oven.
As technology is entering our kitchens – invection cook tops, inverter / flatbed microwaves, we are constantly reviewing our processes and products and unfortunately the printed packaging instructions can’t cover every option.
It’s important to note that bake times will differ and its best to keep an eye on the product throughout the baking and melting process.
Especially – remember that yoghurt & carob products need to be melted the same way as chocolate – very slowly at very low heat.

Don’t forget to post pics of all your wonderful creations to our Instagram page @wagalot.com.au, and of course follow us to see what other people are making.

We love, love, love seeing all your posts!