Protecting Animal Rights

We know that all of our amazing customers are passionate about their own animals & we also know that this extends to all animals.

Wagalot has established a Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust Fund that we donate to as a company, donate through sales of specific products and as individuals.  Everybody at Wagalot donates weekly from their pay.

We encourage our suppliers & customers to contribute as well. Even a couple of dollars added to a purchase can quickly add up.

Wagalot Animal Welfare Fund supports Golden Retriever Rescue, Animals Australia, The World Wildlife Fund, The Animal Wefare League of Australia and Pet Rescue.

If you’d like to donate directly to the Wagalot Animal Welfare Fund click the DONATE icon and it will take you directly to the fund account (save your receipt – your donation is fully tax deductible).


Alternatively you can add a small amount at checkout to your purchase of any Wagalot products & we will add it to the fund on your behalf.  CLICK HERE