PAPL is simply – The best Wagalot products packaged to promote your business!

There are several ways that we can PAPL products for you … read on….

Wagatags use existing Wagalot products in our original packaging with the addition of a pinned tag to promote your buisness or event – very cost effective!

Wagalabel products – also know as “Phantom Brands” are those typically provided by Wagalot for your business to use as your own brand.

Wagalabels can be used for custom promotional gifts. These are a perfect way for kennels, vets, groomers, pet stores and online stores to self-promote. Amazing as a “thank you” or “get well” gift – you’ll be wowed by the response that you get from your customers both 2 & 4 legged.

Wagalot also makes and supplies Seasonal Products including, Australia Day, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas.

Wagalot can also Custom Make products for you – let us know what you are looking for & we’ll see what can be done!



Zip Biz is a safe, simple line of credit, offering you the ability to buy now and pay later for all your business needs.



These tags (matte thick card – specs in the table below) are pinned to Wagalot products. Eye-catching and a great way to self-promote. Create your own design with your logo and message.


  • PIN TAGS (for boxes and plastic packaging)
  • SWING TAGS (for jars)

There are two sizes available:

Size Measurements* # of tags
per A4 page
Paper details Purpose
STANDARD 75mmx50mm 4×4 (16) Colour Copy | A4 | white | 250g/m2 matte All Products
LARGE 90mmx60mm 3×3 (9) Colour Copy | A4 | white | 250g/m2 matte Seasonal or Gift Tags

WAGATAG message types

Cute Fun Message tags

Standard or large size

E.g. “I love my dog”

Promo tags

Standard or large size

E.g. “Buy 1 get 1 free”, “Have you tried our Grooming Service?”

Sale tags

Standard or large size

E.g. “20% price off”

Tag and Snip (seasonal)

Standard or large size

Cut off the tag after the seasonal event.

E.g. Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Event tags

Standard or large size

E.g. Birthday Celebration, New Location Opening, Web Sale, Puppy School Reunion, Pet Adoption Day, Customer Appreciation Day, Launch of a new product.


PAPL Wagalabels are a great way to promote your business and create customer loyalty to YOUR brand. Every time your customer treats their dog – they see your brand.

How does it work?

For example – Wagalot Lolly Dogs become “Woof Woof Carob & Yoghurt Drops”

It’s your brand – own it!

You can choose almost any of our products (check PRODUCTS THAT CAN BE ‘PAPLED’ section in PAPL Catalogue) and sell it under your own brand.


  • Labels must include information such as product description, ingredients, best before date, “PET FOOD ONLY”  –  this covers around 20% of label space. The rest of the space is yours.
  • You can send us your own design, or we can help you with it.
  • There is a minimum order quantity (check PRICING and MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY sections).
Have you wondered how you could develop a meaningful relationship with your customers?
Promotional gifts have a great power – they have become a popular form of marketing and brand advertising for companies.
Stay ahead of your competitors by giving ‘thank you’ gifts to your customers. We have big range of products that you can choose from. See PRODUCTS THAT CAN BE ‘PAPLED’ section in PAPL Catalogue for more info.
How does it work?
STEP 1 Choose the product you want to use as a ‘thank you’ gift.
STEP 2 Contact us so we can advise you on technical issues (packging, label size, etc.)
STEP 3 Send us your ‘thank you’ label design. Need help with that? Don’t worry – we can assist you with design.
STEP 4 See digital mock-ups of your personalised product. It’s time for any adjustments now.
STEP 5 If you are happy with the product, give us a green light to start with production.
STEP 6 Enjoy sharing your promotional gifts to your valued customers!
Personalised cookie cards
Your customers will be thrilled to get ‘thank you’ card that their dog can actually eat. Wow, that’s something brand new, right? What’s more, you can design the image on the biscuit and label on the packaging.

Wagalot makes and supplies seasonal products including, Australia Day, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas.

Different times of the year are perfect for gift giving & what’s better than giving a gift to your favourite customers with your company’s personalised message on it.  Ideal for vets, gromers, boarding kennels, doggy day care – as well as retail stores & online stores.

Wagatags are a great way to get your store ready for seasonal celebrations – stock up on great products without having to worry about sell through – just snip the tag & sell the products at normal price.

Customer recognition

Having your own brand works to build customer recognition & loyalty. When customers are shopping for a particular product, they recognise your company in the running.

Adding value to your business

Having your own unique products ensure a point of difference in a crowded market place.  Being able to stand out from the pack also adds to the worth of your business – now & when you wish to sell.

Competitive edge in the market

Your brand is one of the things that differentiates you in the marketplace. The moment customers recognise and back your brand, it helps lend a competitive edge to your company. The more recognition you receive, the more you build your brand, the more you will find that your brand grows.

Customer retention, loyalty, and shared values

High customer retention means customers of the product tend to return to and continue to buy. The recognition and elevation that a brand builds upon all lend to greater customer loyalty. It is proved that customers are attracted to brands that they share values with. When you build a strong brand, you need to convey these values in order to build an emotional connection with customers. Brand loyalty often lasts a lifetime and even transfers to future generations.

Enhanced credibility and ease of purchase

Having own brand enhances your credibility with customers, your industry, and the marketplace as a whole. When you build your credibility, you also build recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness. All these things go hand-in-hand. Your credibility has a direct connection to customers ease of purchase. Customers want to buy from companies they like, know, and trust. If your brand is credible, you’re far more likely to get the sale.



Below you can see GENERAL PRICING scheme. If you want to check detailed prices, please refer to our PAPL Catalogue. You can download it by clicking here.

Wagatags standard printed one-sided wholesale price + $0.30 + GST
printed double-sided wholesale price + $0.50 + GST
large printed one-sided wholesale price + $0.35 + GST
printed double-sided wholesale price + $0.55 + GST
Wagalabels one label per product wholesale price + $0.40 + GST
additional label(s) price varies depending on the number
and size of label(s)
Personalised cookie card with sticker (with company details and logo) $4.50 + GST
  • Charge for design if required – $60 per hour (min 1 hour)


  • Wagalables – 100 per SKU*
  • Wagatags: Standard size – 80 across multiple SKUs
  • Wagatags: Large size – 45 across multiple SKUs
  • Personalised cookie cards – 100 per individual design

*SKU – a stock keeping unit is a distinct type of product, and all attributes associated with the item type that distinguish it from other item types (i.e. flavour).


The standard lead time is 7 to 10 business days from approval of artwork plus delivery time.

Contact us to discuss your PAPL requirements.

Phone us to discuss – 03 9775 1099 or 

call Alice directly on 0499038465 or email papl@wagalot.com.au 

Click to download PAPL CATALOGUE
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